Debt Reduction

Taking control of your personal finances is easy when you use intelligent software to do all the work for you.

Paying your debts off faster involves 3 easy steps:

Step 1 Use a mortgage broker to get a good home loan structure and interest rate.

Step 2 Use a platform to automatically track your finances.

Step 3 Spend 5 minutes a month on reviewing your auto-generated reports that are emailed to you.

With information comes power, understanding your situation and spending habits gives you clear direction on how to get ahead.

Our goal here at DSM is to listen to our clients, gain an understanding of what they want and need then set them up with a loan structure that suits their financial goals. With the right loan structure and intelligent software in place our clients end up saving years off the life of their loan.

Five Important Things You Should Know

1. DSM uses an industry award winning software to analyse the entire home loan market which will give you the best options available to you within minutes.

2. By refinancing and implementing the correct loan structure, improving your interest rate and using effective personal finance software management it can save you a fortune off the life of your loan.

3. DSM does not have any alliances with any bank giving you ultimate freedom to pick your lender of choice. Unbiased selection with full disclosure.

4. On average 1/3 of Victorians have never refinanced and are paying a significantly higher interest rate than needed. Is it time for a review for you? Refinancing does have costs involved but as part of our comparison we will determine whether or not it is beneficial for you to change.

5. Getting a good rate and loan is only half the battle, you must control your personal finances to complete your journey.

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As our website contains general advice you might require further consultation to help secure a financial future that suits your unique situation. Please contact our office today to make an appointment time convenient to you. Phone: (03) 9633 7180