Self Managed Super Funds

The Government changed the regulation in 2007 allowing you to borrow inside of superannuation and use your existing superannuation as a deposit.

SMSF’s are the fastest growing superannuation sector seeing remarkable numbers of Australians migrating across to the SMSF space.

SMSF’s allow you to take control of your superannuation and invest your money where you see fit. In particular, a SMSF can give you the abilty to take your standard superannuation and convert it into an investment property.

Our initial client meetings generally uncover that our clients existing retail or industry superannuation funds are predominantly invested into the share market resulting in positive or negative results based on the share market performance.

We typically find that our clients preference in regards to their retirement nest egg is to be invested directly into SMSF = Property rather than Retail or Industry Superannuation Funds = share market.

SMSF gives you the ability to take your standard superannuation and convert it into a residential investment property.

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