Transition To Retirement

Transition to retirement strategies = less tax and more in your pocket!

Are you 60yrs+ and wanting to (legally) beat the taxman?


You can access a transition to retirement pension of between 4-10% of your account balance if you’ve reached preservation age and you are still working.

Tax treatment

If you are under 60, part of your pension payments will be taxed, but you may receive a 15 per cent tax offset on the taxable component. Once you have reached age 60, all pension payments are tax-free including lump sums.

How does the Transition to Retirement strategy work in practice?

Case study

John is 60 and earns $70,000 p.a. He has accumulated $140,000 in his superannuation fund. With the help of his Senior Financial Planner, John is keen to implement a Transition to Retirement Strategy whereby he elects to salary sacrifice $18,000 p.a. and draw a superannuation pension of $11,570 p.a.  This provides John with a substantial increase in his super benefit, without reducing his personal cashflow.

Without strategy With strategy
Gross Salary $70,000 $70,000
9.5% Contributions $6,650 $6,650
Salary Sacrifice       - $18,000
Super Pension       - $11,570
PAYG Tax Paid $15,697 $9,267
Net Cash $54,303 $54,303
Change in Net Cash      -      -
Superannuation Asset $145,652.50* $149,382.50**
Increase in super      - $3,730
Net Benefit of Strategy      - $3,730p.a
5 year Benefit of Strategy to retirement      - $18,650

* Balance of $140,000 plus super contribution of $6,650 (less 15% contribution tax)

** Balance of $140,000 plus super contribution of $24,650 (less 15% contribution tax) less $11,570 in pension payments

People with higher balances and taxable income will have higher tax savings.

Seek professional advice

Transition to retirement provisions can mean reducing your working commitments and pressures without necessarily reducing your standard of living.  There are, however, various levels of complexity and the strategy is not suited to all investors.

Only a Financial Planner can help you determine the best approach for you. Ensure your retirement planning is on track by seeking professional advice.

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